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No PPD and No Ammonia Hair Color San Diego CA

No PPD and No Ammonia Hair Color is now available in San Diego CA

Mastey Hair Color voted best hair color at Cosmoprof North America

Get your free* no ppd no ammonia stylist color sample in 3 Easy Steps:

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3. Checkout with coupon code: switchme

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San Diego Hair Salons are about to witness the future of hair color.

Experience the best hair color choice for ECO Friendly, Green Focused and Organic Hair Salons through out the world. Mastey No PPD and No Ammonia Permanent Hair Color and the complete Mastey Hair Color System is now available in the San Diego area.

For more information you can contact our San Diego Area Distributor:

No PPD No Ammonia Hair Color Distributor San Diego CA

Blue Ocean Beauty Solutions
Attention: Arthur Hall: (816) 547 - 4212

Email: arthur@blueoceanbeautysolutions.com

San Diego Area Services: 
Salon Products Distributor for Hair Salons in the San Diego, CA Area.

Proudly representing:

  • Mastey No PPD and No Ammonia Hair Color
  • Mastey Color Instantané 
  • Mastey Color Protection Hair Care 

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Mastey Hair Color San Diego CA

Mastey is proud to partner with Blue Ocean Beauty Solutions to bring you the gentlest permanent hair color solution teamed with the best education and customer service in the San Diego Area.

To launch the Mastey No PPD and No Ammonia Hair Color in your area, Mastey and Blue Ocean Beauty Solutions are providing stylists with a free trial color kit. Take advantage of sampling Mastey Hair Color by creating an account online and picking your color shades and developer. Follow the 3 easy steps listed above to get your shades. Or call Blue Ocean Beauty Solutions at (816) 547 - 4212

The Gentlest Hair Color Solution with Unlimited Color Choices

Available in 100 shades and intermixable to give you the ability to create endless color combinations.

Mastey No PPD Hair Color Chart page 1 San Diego CA

Mastey No Ammonia Hair Color San Diego CA

Mastey Hair Color San Diego CA

Less Damage and Less Allergic Reactions

Mastey has been making no ammonia hair color since 1982 and No PPD hair color since 2010. Our experience and expertise in creating gentler products for stylists to use had taught us how to make a top quality professional grade hair color system that works to:

Cover Grey 100% without the use of PPD Dyes



Provide Vibrant and Rich Red Shades without the need for Direct Dyes

High Lift Color Solutions without the need for Bleach Lightners

One Step Color Correction and Tint Back Systems 

San Diego Mastey Hair Color Tint Back Formula

San Diego Mastey Hair Color Tint Back Formula After Picture

The Freedom to create any color formulation for any customer.

 Mastey Hair Color Salon Formulation Sheet San Diego CA


Our hair color education and formulation guides help the stylist learn to create permanent, demi, semi, toners, glosses and glazes in an unlimited amount of colors. No longer do stylists have to be stuck with a color line that gives you 65 permanent shades, 34 demi shades, and 14 semi permanents... The Mastey hair color system is all intermixable and adaptable to your end result needs.

The future of hair color is here today and you can experience it in your salon absolutely free! Experience the Mastey Hair Color System!

Learn More:
What does Mastey hair color use instead of PPD to cover gray 100% and provide such rich colors?

What does Mastey use instead of Ammonia and why is it different than the other no ammonia hair colors on the market?

Why does my clients hair look so healthy and soft and shiny after using Mastey hair color?

If you have any questions you can also email us at color@mastey.com or call us at (800) 662 – 7839.


*Valid while supplies last. Can be cancelled at anytime without notice. This offer is valid only one time per customer and only valid for licensed cosmetologists in the USA. 

If you are not a licensed cosmetologists or are trying to use this code more than once, your order will be cancelled, your account will be flagged, and you'll have bad Karma.

If you are a consumer and want to try Mastey Hair Color, talk to your stylist and have them contact us.


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