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Healthy Beautiful Hair 


Mastey hair color reconstructs and moisturizes hair while coloring. Mastey hair color is formulated with vegetable based natural moisture factors and rice amino acids that balance the hair and scalp’s natural moisture level and provide profound hair repairing results.

Mastey Hair Color is your key to combatting the most common problems hair stylists face daily with their clients. Color treated hair, especially when colored with ammonia based color products or so called “organic color” that use PPD or other harsh ingredients, is very damaged, dry and over processed. Hair in this condition poses certain problems for the hair stylist to tackle.

  1. Hair that is damaged will not hold color as well or for as long as healthy hair.
  2. Hair that is dry from over processing will not hold repairing proteins as well as properly moisturized hair.

This means that if you do not solve the hair health problem, by providing proper moisture levels and profound hair repair, you cannot expect to have long lasting vibrant hair color results, no matter what color you are using.

Mastey hair color helps give you healthy beautiful hair that is properly moisturized and repaired for longer lasting color results

Mastey Hair color and Mastey’s new Color Protecting Hair Care tackles these issues by solving the root problem. Mastey provides an ingredient combination that raises the hair’s moisture level so that it can hold on to the repairing amino acids that rebuild the hair. Once the hair is properly moisturized and repaired, our hair color uses a gentle alkaline agent that is suspended in a soy based solution in order to gently open the cuticle and deposit our oxidative dyes. Once the dyes process and the color is rinsed, our antioxidant grape seed and sun flower seed extracts kick in to ensure longer lasting color by slowing the natural oxidation process.

Hair needs to be properly moisturized and then repaired to ensure a healthy beautiful end result. Hair that is dry over processed and lacking vital nutrients will look worn, dry and hay like and will not hold color.

Proper moisture levels with 100% vegan moisturizing ingredients

Mastey’s hair color and Color Protecting Hair Care provides 100% Vegan Natural Moisture Factors that are extracted from vegetables. This Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) is a replica of the NMF that the body naturally makes. Our combination of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), Lipids, and Vitamins help to normalize the hair and skins natural moisture level. Leaving the hair soft, properly moisturized and radiant.

Independent studies have shown that hair and skin that is properly moisturized will respond faster and more profoundly to repairing products. Proper moisture level is the foundation on which hair and skin repair can be successful.

Gluten Free Rice Amino Acid is the strongest and least allergen protein that repairs damaged and over processed hair

Amino acids are the building blocks to hair repairing protein molecules. Rice Amino Acids are small in size and weight and rich in the vital nutrients needed for hair repair. Because of their low molecular weight, rice amino acids penetrate the hair shaft easily to rebuild and strengthen damaged hair. Rice amino acids strengthen and expand the diameter of the hair shaft to create a noticeably thicker, silkier and more luxurious look.

Many products use Wheat Protein, Silk Protein, or Human Hair Keratin… For very specific reasons we do not use nor condone the use of some of these ingredients. We feel that Rice is the best solution.

At home color care with mastey color protecting hair care

Mastey Hair Color and Color Protecting Hair Care uses rice amino acids as the building block to hair repair in all of our formulations because of their repairing qualities and their low allergen incident rate. Using an amino acid with such a high value of essential hair builders and such a low allergy incident rate gives us the ability to provide hair color, hair treatments and daily use products that can help repair the hair for the largest audience of users.

Mastey Color Protecting products are so gentle they are recommended for use on the hair and skin.

  1. Use our Daily Shampoo as a daily facial or body wash.
  2. Our Daily Conditioner can be used in place of a shaving lotions for beautifully moisturized legs and radiant faces.
  3. Our Certified Argan Oil treatment is recommended around the world as a skin and hair treatment oil.

Learn more about Mastey Color Protecting Hair Care as seen in Life and Style Magazine at colorprotecting.com

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