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Everyone Loves A Blue Eyed Woman

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Everyone Loves A Blue Eyed Woman


What to consider when choosing the right hair color for blue eyed women

Looking for a new hair color to complement your blue eyes and skin tone can be quite a challenge for many women. For some, even the idea of change can make them uneasy or afraid. Thankfully Mastey Hair Color offers over 100 shades of ammonia free and p-Phenylenediamine free permanent hair color to help you and your stylist find the shade that is perfect for you. But before you make that change here are a few tips you should consider.

If you have a warmer skin tone the good new is you have the ability to pull off a range of colors that will complement your skin and eye color. Shades that have a warmer hue like our Chocolates, Coppers and Copper Gold Series along with our Mahogany Golds will look fantastic on your warmer skin. And remember this little tip when considering which level to choose; the darker the level the more your beautiful baby blues will pop.

Highlights not only add dimension to your hair, but also a bit of glamour to any look. Golden or red highlights can add sophistication to any hair color listed above, so don't afraid to branch out.

Women with cooler skin tones and blue eyes should consider cooler hues when looking for a change. You will want to look at shades from our Mastey Hair Color with no ammmonia in our Cool Neutrals, Ash, Platinum, Tobacco and Beige Series. Avoid colors that will wash you out or age you. If you are looking for a dramatic change think about our Blue Black or Plum Violet. Not every woman can pull off these two colors, but you sure can.

Highlights look just as fabulous on cooler skin tones as warmer tones. The difference is you will want to look at our Platinums, Cool Ashs and Beige Blonde Series in the higher levels to complement your skin and hair color. These hues will also add sophistication and glam to your new look. Avoid coppery reds and shades of bronze as they will dull your beautiful cool skin tone and eye color.

While these are just some guidelines to help you make that leap into something new its important to have an open and honest dialogue with your stylist about your new look. Be clear and direct with your stylist and don't be afraid to ask him or her to show you a color chart, so you can discuss what shades and levels your are considering. Sometimes your idea of a color can be different from theirs. Your stylist will appreciate the open lines of communication and can then help you on your journey into a whole new you.


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