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Welcome to the future of hair color. Welcome to Mastey.
The best hair color choice for eco friendly and green focused hair salons. Sold all over the world and regarded as the originator of Ammonia Free and PPD Free hair color.

Organic Hair Color the truth and the lies

Looking for Organic Hair Color?
Don't be fooled there is no such thing.

Over the last 5+ years salons and consumers have been buzzing about "Organic" hair color & Organic Hair Care. The problem is that most of this buzz comes from marketing campaigns and not from actual ingredient or product advancements. Take a look at this indepth article that helps you understand what all the confusion is about and guides you through how Not to be duped by advertising. It also shows you how to ask the right questions to see what hair color options are best for you and your clients.
View our in-depth article at Mastey.com about:
Organic Hair Color the truth and the lie...

Introduction to Healthy Beautiful Hair with Mastey Hair Color

This is a 2 hour training class for stylists to learn how to use Mastey Hair Color with no ammonia and no p-Phenylenediamine. It teaches you the basics to get started and introduces you to a better way of thinking about and using hair color in your salon everyday. Take a step into the future of hair color with Mastey.
View the Mastey Introduction to Hair Color video

Mastey Hair Color Professionals web site

This site is available to all hair stylists and provides in depth instructional, videos, and training material to help you become a better stylist. All the education on this professional site is free and open to all stylists. Come and see what we have to share with you.
Visit the Mastey Hair Color Professionals Page

Schedule an online Mastey Hair Color Class for your salon

Spend some time with one of our educators to learn how your salon can become a part of the future in hair color services. Schedule a free online class for your salon today. Our online webinars are absolutely free and we recommend you attend one before you try the color in your salon or as you start to learn to work with the products. We also have advanced formulations webinars available for existing Mastey Hair Color Salons as well as a salon and stylist certification program.
Schedule an Online Mastey Hair Color Class

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